EVOcharge – the refinement

Highest bioavailability through patented process. The EVOcharge rotates water at 2'000 revolutions per minute and thus ensures maximum drinking pleasure. This rotational force creates a union of rectified oscillating water molecules, which is called the coherence domain. As a result, the water clusters are reduced in size, thus increasing the inner surface of the water. The water gains solubility and natural vitality. The cells of our body absorb the refined water directly. In this way the EVOcharge guarantees the fastest hydration. An additional plus point is the improvement in taste lighter and more digestible

Optimal thirst quencher

Smaller water clusters (bonded molecules) can permeate the cell membrane more easily, letting water get into cells quicker.

Fortify your immune system

Water becomes more conductive, which, above all, helps detoxify your body. Thus, your immune system and that of your family are strengthened

Maximum bioavailability

The coherent structure of water after EVOcharge makes it possible for nutrients to be optimally absorbed in the body (bioavailability).

Better feeling of thirst

As you get quickly hydrated, you also feel thirst better. our body responds to conditioned water extremely well, and drinking two litres of water a day is no longer a problem for you.

Energy boost

Water is the most efficient source of energy in the world – EVOcharge increases the flowing and dissolving properties of water, supporting all major metabolic processes of your body

Full of fragrance

The increased dissolving power and improved structure of water significantly add to the original taste of food. Tea and coffee release their full flavour potential and cooking makes food taste stronger.

Soft taste

Water obtains a light and soft taste, becoming easy to digest. It does not sit heavily on your stomach, and provides a soothing refreshment.