Consumption water

Dirty and wasted.

Bath, shower, body care. Flushing the toilet, washing clothes, cleaning the house, watering the flowers, washing the car... Many everyday things need water. A lot of water. On average, about 150 liters per person per day. And if someone has a "water-intensive hobby" such as an aquarium or pool, water consumption increases in no time. While some people have to drink dirty, unfiltered water, others use tap water with the same quality for their toilets. However even in industrialized countries, skin and respiratory diseases are increasing in number due to sometimes poor quality of water, water-carrying (household) appliances have to be replaced regularly and even freshly picked flowers will make you hang your head in no time. The solution: water optimized for the intended use.

Consumption water - Solutions

The ideal combination of filtration and rotation optimizes your water to guarantee the best use for household, leisure and industry.