EVObooster – the enrichment

Hydrogen - a small atom with great forces. The EVObooster enriches water with molecular hydrogen. After drinking, the colourless and odourless hydrogen gas is distributed throughout the body. As hydrogen is the smallest element in the periodic table, it penetrates every cell and acts as the strongest selective and natural antioxidant. Evodrop water enriched with hydrogen is essential for a healthy body and mind.

A powerful antioxidant

Over 450 independent studies confirm the health-promoting effect of hydrogen on the human body. Hydrogen is the strongest selective antioxidant.

Better health

Molecular hydrogen is proven to be beneficial to health. It helps with high blood pressure, inflammations, allergies, promotes metabolic functions and helps with 170 other diseases.

Small and strong atom

Hydrogen is the smallest and most common molecule in our universe. It has the capacity for cellular plane. It penetrates the mitochondria and even into the cell nucleus.

More energy in everyday life

Due to the increased share of free electrons in water, the body is "discharged". This ensures a high energy potential during whole day


Hydrogen reduces the natural cell death in the body. Consequently, it has a rejuvenating and repairing Effect on skin and cells.

Increased concentration

Hydrogen can easily cross the blood-brain barrier penetrate and increase the cognitive skills and brain functions.

Full Power

Investigations on athletes show that the intake of molecular hydrogen the Performance, fitness, relaxation and Health greatly improved.

Acts alkaline

Hydrogen has an alkaline effect, by increasing the pH value in the blood stabilised. The acidification of the body is reduced and ensures a balanced acid-base balance.

Absolutely safe

Hydrogen was developed by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) in America the GRAS status assigned. It is therefore absolutely harmless to drink and generally recognized as safe.

Completely without side effects

Unlike conventional food supplements, hydrogen leaves no waste products in the body, but it will be excreted as normal Water.