EVOtransform – the protection

The EVOtransform is the contemporary answer to conventional softening plants. In this purely physical water treatment system, water rotates at around 100,000 revolutions per minute. Due to this force lime crystals in the water become smaller and duller. The result is an amorphous structure where ionised calcium and magnesium molecules (lime) can no longer form solid compounds in the water. Furthermore old limescale deposits dissolve and pipes in the house and thus also all water-carrying appliances against blockage or wear due to limescale are protected. Thanks to this powerful rotation, clumped water molecules break loose and the water becomes velvety soft.

Protecting health & the environment

The EVOtransform completely dispenses the use of chemicals that are harmful for our bodies and the environment. The water quality is not changed but improved.

Perfect for skin and hair

The treated water preserves the acid mantle on our skin and is better for the fat and moisture balance. It also makes your hair suppler and shinier.

Stop microbial contamination

Thanks to the amorphous form of the lime crystals after water treatment, germs can't set down and multiply anymore in the pipelines. Lime no longer provides a breeding ground for bacteria.

Cell-available water

The EVOtransform transforms water into H3O2, which has the same structure as our cells. Since we absorb up to one liter of water per day through the skin, this water is optimal.

Velvety soft underwear

Hard water is often the reason for stiff and rough laundry. The EVOtransform makes textiles softer and gentler - in fact One wash cycle at a time.

Protect your cleaning nerves

You can easily remove lime residues after oxidation without the use of aggressive chemicals thus saving you time and money.

Protection for pipelines

Protect house lines effective against corrosion and Erosion. The EVOtransform changes the reaction of the Oxidation of minerals, chlorides and sulphates in the water and forms a protective layer (passivation layer).

No more lime problems

No more cumbersome and annoying lime deposits on fittings and household appliances. After oxidation of the water, deposits can be removed with a wipe.

The best for your plants

Thanks to the highest bioavailability of water, EVOtransform has been proven to strengthen the growth of your plants and trees.

You save money

Save maintenance costs and need fewer detergents, cleaning agents and body care products. The saves your household budget.