EVOadsorb – the cleaning

The EVOadsorb is an effective and sustainable filter for the entire house. The center piece is our special adsorbent material, which cleans your water from foreign substances such as heavy metals, antibiotics, chemicals and micro-organisms. In order to also solve the increased problem of limescale and corrosion, we have integrated an anti-scale module. This inactivates the binding capacity of the cations and anions in lime and heavy metals. This prevents lime from forming in water and sticking to surfaces. In addition, we prevent corrosion by heavy metals in the water. As a result, EVOadsorb protects your pipes in the house and thus all water-carrying appliances against clogging or wear and tear caused by lime or heavy metals, and ensures healthy and clean drinking water as well as consumer water.

No more lime problems

No more lime deposits on fittings and in household appliances. Protect all water-bearing appliances from rapid wear and increase their life span.

Healthy water

The EVOadsorb filters all pollutants, such as heavy metals, antibiotics, chemicals and micro-organisms from the water. This guarantees clean water for the entire household.

Taste improvement

Conventional softening plants deteriorate the Taste of the water massive. The EVOadsorb not only improves the water quality, but also the taste.

Inexpensive maintenance

The EVOadsorb is inexpensive in maintenance and still offers the best possible filtration performance over the entire lifetime. The filter cartridges can be exchanged easily and inexpensively.

Protection for your boiler

The treated water has no chance to settle in the boiler due to heating and prevents the so-called scale formation. This guarantees a longer life of your boiler.

Protection for pipelines

Protect house lines effective against corrosion, erosion and the clogging by Lime. Extend the life of the piping and prevent can settle foreign matter.

Long lasting anti-scaling

At 20ºdH, a conventional softening plant requires around 140 kg of salt per year. The EVOadsorb contains only 0.15 kg Anti-ScaleModule for the same performance.

Filtering without pressure loss

The principle of operation works with the output line pressure of the household and in contrast to conventional adsorption filters, removes 10-15 times the amount of impurities at a constant flow rate.

Protecting the environment

The EVOadsorb does not add environmentally harmful salt to your water, unlike conventional softeners do. Furthermore, the EVOadsorb filter is biodegradable and easy to dispose.

You save energy

Since deposits can't develop in the pipe walls anymore, you save a lot of energy. Because pipe wall extensions increase the energy consumption exponentially.