EVOdrink – the filtration

EVOdrink is the only filter in the world that demonstrably eliminates 614 pollutants and foreign substances from water. Quality is our top priority. This is why we have had the EVOdrink tested several times by independent laboratories.

The EVOdrink filters on a purely physical basis, microplastics, hormones, pesticides, drug residues, nitrates, bacteria and viruses from your drinking water. It is the only filter in the world that has been proven to eliminate 614 foreign substances and pollutants from drinking water. Our nanofiltration is based on a more effective filtration process than conventional filter methods. Thanks to this process, there is no need to constantly change the filters and more pollutants can be filtered. The EVOdrink is therefore low-maintenance, requires few consumables and guarantees a constant high quality filtration. The EVOdrink ensures uncompromising purity, which is the foundation for healthy drinking water.

Uncompromisingly clean

The EVOdrink eliminates all measurable damage and foreign matter. This has been confirmed by accredited laboratories checked and tested.

Optimal health

The organism becomes clear relieves the load and the water can perform its actual function as a solution, transport and storage system, Perceive detoxification and reaction agents.

Perfect for baby food

The immune system of newborns and infants is particularly fragile. EvodropWater is ideal for the preparation of baby food, and food supplements.

Never drag again

Save time and energy through strenuous box hauling. Enjoy the best water directly from your Water tap.

Environmentally friendly

A family of 4 saves up to 2'000 PET and glass bottles. Thus the CO2- footprint by up to 0.6 tonnes per year.

Swiss quality

We produce in Switzerland and are proud of the label "Swiss Made" and thus associated quality requirements.

Never again lime

The EVOdrink also filters lime thus increases lifespan of water-bearing appliances such as kettles, coffee machines and other household appliances.

Low maintenance

The innovative technology enables a long shelf life. After 10'000 litres (after about 4 years) the membranes can be changed easily and cost-effectively.